Antioch's Phone Tree

A church is most effective when it communicates well; not just with the community, but with its own members as well. Here at Antioch, we use a Phone Tree to keep our members informed.

Participation is, of course, optional. We will not automatically add anyone to the call list, and every call provides instructions to opt out should you no longer wish to receive our calls.

Phone Tree messages go out every Tuesday and Friday. Special messages go out occasionally as well.

Messages typically include upcoming special events, the Wednesday night menu, prayer concerns, and praise reports.

To begin receiving our Phone Tree calls, please contact the Church Office at 910-739-9425 and ask to be added.

Phone Tree calls come from 877-698-3261. We suggest adding this to your Contacts list as "Antioch Phone Tree" so that you will recognize the calls as they come in. Some of our members choose to let their answering machine answer the call so that they can play the message back as needed.

We receive regular reports from our Phone Tree service. If we notice that calls to a number repeatedly disconnect after only a few seconds, we will assume that the calls are no longer wanted, and we'll remove the number.