The graduating class of 2021 has endured the impact of a pandemic that disrupted both their junior and senior years. That they have emerged successfully is a testament to the quality and character of this graduating class. They are truly special!

Class of 2021, may the adversity which you've experienced strengthen and equip you to face the challenges that lie ahead. May the obstacles you've faced over the past two years give you the patience and determination to overcome those you will face in the future. And may the success you've achieved in the face of overwhelming opposition grow your faith and trust in the God who faithfully guided you through. "He will never leave you nor forsake you."

So go out, guided by God, and make a difference in your world. We love you, we pray for you, and we're proud of you. Well done.

Below, your family and friends who will not be able to attend can view the live stream of your graduation. We know they'll be cheering you on! After the ceremony, you can view the recorded service here as well. It is our graduation gift to you. Enjoy!