Sunday School

Sunday School is the original "Small Group" church ministry. Antioch's Sunday School classes are structured to create small, intimate "families" of diverse people who share something in common. You'll find classes structured by age, gender, or marital status; you're sure to find a class that will feel like home.

All Sunday School classes begin at 9:00 AM, and meet in various classrooms all across the campus.


Young Adults

If you are high school graduate or in your 20's , come join us for Sunday School each week at 9 am.  We always have coffee!  We do different studies by people like Loui Giglio and Frances Chan.  We do activities together like the Passion Conference each year in Atlanta GA, and Passion One Night Worship Events.

Our class meets in the Student Building (Bldg. A).

Married Couples

Marriage is mentioned throughout the Bible, is created by God, and is sustained by God. Marriage is the foundation of family, which is the primary means that God chooses to pass His word from generation to generation.

Given the importance that God places on marriage, it is not surprising that Satan so frequently attacks marriages. To help couples find the strength, guidance, wisdom, and inspiration to keep their marriages strong and God-centered, Antioch has Sunday School classes tailored for couples of all ages.

Although geared for couples, anyone is welcome to attend.

Couples Class - Teachers: Grant Townsend, Bryan Walters; meets in F117.

Couples for Christ - Teacher: Jimmy Walters; meets in F113.


Our Children's Sunday School meets in the Old Sanctuary (Chapel) at 9 am.  These age specific groups are more in depth group learning activities, including Bible lessons, games, crafts, and snacks!  After Sunday School we have Krew.  This is our Children's Worship Time.  Children through 6th grade have a worship experience that is fun and on their level.  Parents can pick their kids up after the morning worship service.         

  • Nursery
  • 2 & 3 year old class
  • 4 & 5 year old class
  • 1st & 2nd grade
  • 3rd & 4th grade
  • 5th & 6th grade


Adults face many spiritual challenges every day. Join one of Antioch's many adult Sunday School classes to find the tools you need to meet and conquer those challenges.

Be inspired by learning about biblical characters who failed when tested, but were restored by God and used for His kingdom. God can use you too, no what what your past holds! Form lasting friendships that will encourage you, yet hold you accountable when needed. Grow in your walk with Jesus.

Heaven Bound - All ages, all sexes; Teachers: Mike Townsend, Woodberry Bowen; Meets in F110.

Wisdom Seekers - All ages, all sexes; Teachers: Keith Eggert, Greg Heubach; Meets in F104.

Fishers of Men - Men of all ages; Teacher: Irvin Stiles; Meets in E102.

Open Hearts - Men of all ages; Teachers: L.M. Evans, Bruce Walters; Meets in Worship Center, behind choir loft.

Outreach for Christ - Adults of all ages; Teachers: Mike Gray, John McKeithan, Jr.; Meets in E104.

Senior Adults

Our Senior Saints never stop learning! They are still "hungering and thirsting to hear" the Word of God. These Sunday School classes help strengthen and encourage our Seniors to be "examples to the flock."

Mary Magdalene - Senior ladies; Teachers: Ann Carter, Sylvia May

Good Samaritan - Senior ladies; Teachers: Ann Kinlaw, Dorothy West; Meets in C108.

Ruth - Senior ladies; Teachers: Faye Floyd, Helen Skipper; Meets in C107.

Jeremiah - Senior men; Teacher: Clifford Watts; Meets in C104.