Young Adults

Our Young Adult ministry reaches out to the "College and Career" age group. The age range typically ranges from the late teens to around 30-35.

Churches across the country struggle to effectively reach this age group. Many young adults are focused on college studies, starting their careers, or starting a family. Unfortunately, church is sometimes not a priority.

Our goal is to reach out to those in this group, show them that God's Word provides a solid foundation for their lives, and lead them to grow though study, fellowship, and service.

Sunday School is the foundation of the Young Adult ministry. We are blessed to have a solid core of students that attend regularly, serve energetically, and draw in others their age. The class meets every Sunday at 9 AM in the Student Building (Bldg. A).

Our Young Adults have grown close to one another through attending Passion Conferences and other inspirational events, and working together on service projects, such as their Christmas project of "adopting" a family, or volunteering to serve as counselors for a D-Now youth weekend.