Live Streaming

We are currently live streaming our Sunday 10:30 AM worship services, and Rev. Tim Tyner's Wednesday Night Bible Studies. The two most recent Sunday Services are also posted to our Home page, and the two most recent Wednesday Bible Studies are on our Wednesday Night page. Older services are available on our YouTube and Facebook pages. February 2021 Vision Month services are preserved on our Vision page.

You can also view all our recorded video content from our free mobile app.

Read further below (after the videos) for more details on live streaming.

The videos below are either an upcoming service and our most recent, or our two most recent services.

Please worship with us in our August 1 service at 10:30 AM! There will be no 8:30 AM service. If you still wish to limit personal contact, you could choose to remain in our parking lot and tune in to 87.9 FM to hear the audio broadcast of the service. We also live stream the 10:30 AM service, so you can watch from home, or in an on-campus overflow area if you prefer to avoid others. Below you can watch the live stream (or the recorded service later).

Please join us in our Choir Room Wednesday night at 7 PM for our weekly Bible Study, led by Pastor Tim Tyner. Grow your faith by digging deeper into the Word with fellow believers. You can also view the Bible Study live below, and view or print the study notes to follow along.

Our prayer is that this page will help you connect to our services so that we, the body of believers that is Antioch Baptist Church, along with our guests and visitors, can worship together as one.

Note: We recommend using the embedded videos and links on the Antioch web site to view our services to prevent showing inappropriate content.

We also recommend connecting to the live service at least five minutes before its scheduled start.

This page contains instructions, tips, and helpful information for viewing our streamed services.

Until the stream for the upcoming service is scheduled, links to the live service will connect to our most recent service. Please note that once a new service is scheduled, clicking on the link before the service will only show our logo, and a countdown to when the service will be available. Please see the image below as an example.


To view previous services and Bible Studies, we also invite you to view all content on our YouTube channel.

Helpful Notes 
  • We will generally start streaming a few minutes prior to its scheduled start. Expect to see the same activities you would normally see if you were attending in person. The sound may or may not be muted, depending on whether or not we are still doing sound checks. The service should start on time.
  • Sometimes we lose our connection to YouTube, or have quality issues with the audio or video. We are still working to identify the causes and correct them; thank you for your patience as we work to improve.
  • We have multiple cameras and will sometimes switch from one to another. When we do, the current shot will briefly freeze, the screen will go black for a second or two, and then the feed from the new camera will start playing. This is normal, and will not improve until we purchase better equipment.
  • If our connection to YouTube is broken for a certain period of time, YouTube might end our streaming session. In this case we have to create a new session. If you see and hear nothing for more than a couple of minutes, please go back to Antioch's YouTube Channel and see if a new Live session has been created.
  • We will continue to record the service on our video cameras and/or streaming devices. Anytime the YouTube Live service is not of sufficient quality, we will post the recorded service.
  • Our Drive-In services are NOT live-streamed because we do not have Internet access when outside our buildings. These services are recorded and uploaded.
  • Whenever you are unable to attend our services in person, please know that you can still support Antioch through our online giving.

If you have any problems live-streaming our services or viewing our other content on YouTube, please call the church office at 910-739-9425 and provide your name and phone number. Someone will get in touch with you to offer help.